Please enjoy the above video of Dave performing at various wedding ceremonies throughout the United States. 




Dave performs live for the arrival and seating of your guests. You get to customize your wedding by choosing a song selection for your processional, bride, unity candle/sand ceremony and recessional. Dave will continue to perform upbeat celebratory compositions while your guests are exiting the ceremony area. You may choose any style of music. Dave can transpose any song onto guitar.

An added bonus with our company is that we video tape Dave performing your bride song selection, we then upload it to our youtube account. We email you the link so you may review your song and make sure Dave is performing it at a pace that is comfortable for you to walk down the aisle.  




Dave performs various compositions in the styles of Classical, Jazz, Latin, Spanish, Flamenco and Soft Rock. His original compositions mixed with popular cover songs adds a touch of class in making your wedding very memorable and special for both you and your guests.




Dave will grace you and your guests with his original compositions, popular cover songs and pleasing tones. Dave performs a nice mix of Classical, Jazz, Soft Rock, Latin, Spanish and Flamenco while you and your guests are enjoying dinner.




DJ Dave gets the dance portion of your reception started with your requested dances and then we step it up playing all your favorite songs. DJ Dave also spices up your reception by playing along with songs on his guitar, a wireless system allows him to interact with you and your guests on the dance floor for a uniques and unforgettable evening. Lights are always included FREE. 



You choose your own wedding package and we work with you to formulate a timeline of events to make your wedding memorable and special for both you and your guests.


Dave Byron Guitarist, North Fort Myers, FL

Phone: 630-816-8590

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