The Trilogy

Dave Byron
Composed and performed by Dave Byron's Legend


Here is a blast from our past. Dave's metal band "Legend". We formed this band in 2001. We had a great year having fun with practices in our garage (Dave heated and air conditioned the garage, his HVAC skills). We performed one really huge gig at PC Lounge in Bolingbrook (which is now closed) on August 11, 2001. We used pyro's, a professional sound system, lights, and free give aways during the concert. I took this photo in our garage. I hung a white sheet behind us, used our construction lighting (both trees), mounted the camera on a tri-pod, set it to timer and jumped in the photo. Those where some great days.

We recorded this CD on a 4 track analog cassette tape recorder and mastered it with an oral exciter. We first recorded the instruments all playing together live with only 4 mics and then recorded the vocals. We thought we would share a bit of Dave's band history (before his successful solo career) with all of you.

Band members are: Dave Byron - Guitar, Mike Sainz - Drums, Bill Bloodwin - Vocals, Brad Lancaster - Bass Guitar and Deb Byron - Keyboards/Manager.  

This first track is The Trilogy: I. Carpathian Moon, II. Cathedral Of Blood, III. Crypt Of The Vampire.


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